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Retail Trade Area
Client Service Area
Wholesale Trade Area

Retail Trade Area

Measures to be implemented in 2018

  • Developing ENEA Smart offer/product line
  • Pilot implementation of ENEA ECO product (for clients in the power tariff groups ODS - G12as) and adding new products to the product line
  • Implementing the new product of specialist technical services for individual client segment
  • Implementing services in the field of metering information management and consumption optimisation
  • Developing the DUAL FUEL offer and implementing new gas billing system
  • Further development of the Purchase Zone client loyalty programme
  • Adjusting sales processes and procedures to RODO requirements

Client Service Area

Measures to be implemented in 2018

  • Completion of the visual upgrade project for all 32 Customer Service Centres
  • By using the 2017 implementations and maximizing profits in the area of ​​customer service, the development of remote customer service channels is planned by introducing a range of facilities, such as: new contact channels, the IVR self-service, the use of social media and the launch of new functionalities at the Electronic Customer Service Office and on the www.enea.pl website
  • Undertaking activities aimed at building lasting relationships with customers and adapting contact channels to the customer preferences (Omnichannel), for instance by launching the Business Hotline and implementing the CRM platform
  • To extend the portfolio of services for retail customers, a billing system will be implemented to support contracts and settle gas fuel sales;
  • Introduction of automated service processes, using, among other things, Robotic process automation, which will translate into the timely implementation of key indicators as part of ongoing processes
  • Implementation of the Central Customer Database in order to provide comprehensive, uniform information about clients and to implement the guidelines imposed by the new General Data Protection Regulation becoming effective in May 2018

Wholesale Trade Area

Measures to be implemented in 2018

  • Changing the approach to valuing portfolio management activities on the wholesale market
  • Execution of an interdisciplinary power market implementation project aimed at maximizing financial revenue and optimizing the cost management approach with regard to repairs and investments for generating units for the Enea Group
  • Optimization and search for further synergies in the energy product portfolio management using the potential of the Enea Group and wholesale markets
  • Development of tools supporting distributed generation as a result of changes in the support mechanism for renewable sources effective after 1 January 2018.
  • Agreement on the conditions of 2019 coal supplies for the demand of Enea Wytwarzanie and Enea Elektrownia Połaniec provided for in forward contracts
  • Optimization of fuel logistics
  • Performing analytical and conceptual work for the purpose of changing the coal purchase model in order to use low-caloric coals in the process of mixing sludges and flotoconcentrates
  • Development of tools and analytical database enabling effective prop-trading activities in the area of ​​short-term cross-border operations in order to get prepared for the Community energy market

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