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Retail Trade Area
Client Service Area
Wholesale Trade Area

Retail Trade Area

Measures implemented in 2017

  • Implementing the sales support IT system (SSS) which supports purchase and sales portfolio forecasting and managing
  • Implementing “ENERGY + Family” product
  • Implementing ENEA Smart product line in the scope of packages: safety, protection, savings
  • Developing the loyalty programme for Clients (Purchase Zone)
  • Optimising the partnership model of sales
  • Optimising full lighting service sale
  • Conducting an education and information campaign warning about unfair energy sellers
  • Promotional activities in the scope of product offer, e-Customer Service Centre, purchase zone (e.g. “You win with Enea”, “Month of free energy”)
  • Conducting client satisfaction and service quality survey
  • “New Impulses 2017” awarded for the successful implementation of Energia Plus idea – the new model of client relations and market operation

Client Service Area

Measures implemented in 2017

  • Increased customer satisfaction with the service through remote contact channels and a decrease in the unit costs of customer service conducted by the Contact Centre Division, generated, among other things, thanks to the implementation of a modern and secure Contact Centre platform based on the latest IT solutions that provides new functionalities and channels of contact with customers (website chat, customer satisfaction survey, soft debt recovery, welcome phone call, etc.)
  • Customer Service Outlets have gained a modern look and respond to contemporary needs of customers. Thanks to the upgrade, regardless of location, customers enjoy the same level of service and contact with the Enea brand, and employees have gained a comfortable workplace. As part of the project, 21 Customer Service Outlets have been redeveloped and had a new queue-management system implemented as a result of which the service is provided in a faster and more efficient way. Customers also have the opportunity to charge their phones and use WIFI, which allows them to stay in constant contact with the virtual world. The launched surveillance and anti-robbery system has allowed customer service staff to enjoy the increased comfort of service and sense of security.
  • In order to guarantee the continuity of the hotline service, a new location of the Contact Centre in Szczecin was opened with 60 consultant positions. Thanks to independence from third-party contractors, the level of data security and the quality of our clients' service has increased.
  • The effectiveness of customer service has improved through the automation of service processes realized in electronic channels of contact with the customer, for instance through modernization and simplification of service pages of the www.enea.pl website and promoting the use of e-invoices
  • By providing coherent and friendly communication with customers and the business environment and paying particular attention to the comfort of customer service employees, as part of the Simple Customer Service initiative, written correspondence standards and new templates of letters written in simple Polish have been implemented.
  • In order to minimize the risk related to the incorrectness and incompleteness of customer settlements which in the case of ineffective control may translate into a loss of revenue, measures, the so-called Revenue Assurance, have been implemented to secure these processes thanks to which a significant improvement in results in the area of ​​customer settlements has been noted

Wholesale Trade Area

Measures implemented in 2017

  • Integration of the business of Enea Elektrownia Połaniec in the Enea Group structures. Implementation of Enea Group's wholesale portfolio management standards in the area of ​​electricity, CO2 emission allowances and property rights using the synergy stemming from the acquisition of a new source
  • Taking into account the increase in installed capacity in the generation potential of Enea Wytwarzanie (B11)
  • Active participation in impact analyses of the power market implementation as part of industry consultations
  • Optimization of fuel (coal, biomass, fuel oil) deliveries using the Enea Capital Resources, taking into account geographical location in the field of transport services
  • Agreement on the conditions of 2018 coal supplies for the demand of Enea Wytwarzanie and Enea Elektrownia Połaniec provided for in forward contracts
  • Commenced cooperation with PGG and JSW in the area of ​​management of sludges and flotoconcentrates
  • Development of analytical models of long-term price paths for products listed on wholesale markets, taking into account the fundamental model for hard coal
  • Expansion of the product range with specialized services for the RES segment for installations with installed capacities of 500kW and above after the obliged seller ceases to be obliged to purchase electricity, i.e. from 1 January 2018
  • Developing regulatory support for Enea Group companies with regard to the wholesale market

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