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Prices of Enea SA’s Shares on the Warsaw Stock Exchange

Enea SA’s shares are listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange (WSE) from 17 November 2008.

The weight of the Company’s shares in stock indices as at 29 December 2017.





The table below presents data on the Company’s shares during 2017.

Key data FY 2017
Number of shares [pcs.] 441 442 578
Minimum price [PLN] 9.48
Maximum price [PLN] 15.99
Closing price[PLN] 11.50
Starting price [PLN] 9.50
Average volume[pcs.] 658 074

After the 2016 downward trend, in 2017 the share price of Enea increased from PLN 9.50 (the closing of the last session of 2016) to PLN 11.50 (the closing of the last session in 2017), i.e. by PLN 2.00, or 21%. Enea shares reached the highest price on 28 August and the lowest on 23 January 2017.

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